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Gymnema sylvestre leaves

We are bulk exporter of Gymnema extract and Gymnema leaf powder from India. Our gymnema extract and powder meet the standard set by the pharmaceuticals, herbal medicines and food industries. We also undertake customize extraction on confidential basis. Gymnema is being extracted and screened for their quality employing physico-chemical testing methods. Assay of active principles are carried out using TLC techniques. Demand for Gymnema in the world market is growing as anti-diabetic, antiperiodic, stomachic and diuretic. We supply Gymnema to various traders, manufacturers and distributors of USA, Canada, South Africa, Europe, Middle East, Taiwan, South East Asia countries. The quality of our product meet the requirement of food industry, the product specification meets the requirement of FAO/WHO standard.


Common Names

Gurmari, Gurmarbooti, Gurmar, periploca of the woods, meshasring.


Gymnema sylvestre is found throughout the tropical forests of central and southern India.


Gymnema comes to us from mainland India and several parts of Africa and has a deep history rooted in Ayurvedic medicine. Currently it is one of the major botanicals being administered for those suffering from diabetes, in boosting insulin levels and controlling healthy blood sugar levels.


Gymnema sylvestre is a woody climbing plant that grows in the tropical forests of central and southern India. The leaves lamina is ovate, elliptic or ovate-lanceolate, with both surfaces pubescent. The flowers are small bell-shaped yellow color. The leaves of gurmar are used medicinally, for its unique property to directly mask the tongue’s ability to taste sweet foods; at the same time suppresses glucose absorption from the intestine. This is the reason it is known in Hindi as gurmar, or "destroyer of sugar".


Historically, gymnema sylvestre has been used to treat conditions ranging from malaria to snake bites. Sushruta, the classic book on Ayurveda, describes G. sylvestre, as a destroyer of 'Madhumeha' (glycosuria) and other urinary disorders. This herb has been given the name of 'gur-mar' meaning 'sugar-destroying,' because of its property of abolishing the taste of sugar and "mesbasringi" meaning 'ram's horn' with relation to the shape of its fruits. It has been used in India as a remedy against this condition with success.

Active ingredients

Found in leaves and the roots.


The principle active ingredient is Gymnemic acid. The other compounds found were Calcium oxalate, anthraquinone compound, Tartaric acid, cellulose, ash, quercitol but no tannin was found. On further study, when the gymnemic acid was purified and analyzed, it was found not to possess any anti-sacaharine properties; it was not a glucoside.


The hypoglycemic extract of Gymnema sylvestris brings about blood glucose homeostasis, which in turn prevents increased glycosylation of proteins thus reversing the onset of changes leading to micro and macroangiopathy. Control of Diabetes mellitus and the associated complications are mediated through the revival or regeneration of the insulin, producing beta-cells in the islets of langerhans. The glucose-like molecules in Gurmar known as the gymnemic acid fills the receptor locations in the absorptive external layers of the intestine, thereby preventing the intestine from absorbing the sugar molecules. Due to the change in the absorption level of sugar, there is a consequent change in the blood sugar level.


Anti-diabetic, Astringent, stomachic, tonic and refrigerant. In Ayurveda the plant has been described as an anti-diabetic, antiperiodic, stomachic and diuretic.


  • This is one of the main herbs used for healing diabetes mellitus.

  • Gymnema removes sugar from pancreas, restores pancreatic function.

  • Gymnema stimulate the circulatory system, increases urine secretion.

  • Gymnema is also useful for the treatment of swollen glands, cough, and fever.

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